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Fourthedesign founded by Giannis Kastrinakis in 2003 at Heraklion, Crete in a time of fundamental change in visual perception and communication, in order to respond dynamically to the challenge of digital creation. Composedly skilled and trained personnel, along with a strict selection of other partners, looking forward to a new aesthetic within the space of 3d (three-dimensional) design, modeling and 3d/2d characters animation, architectural visualization photorealism, applications and multimedia design, graphic design, websites design and TV media.


With the ability to generate emotions and a sense of discovery, a moving picture enables the artist to express themselves in methods that a picture alone cannot do. Our 3d animation is what actually crowds fourthedesign apart from the antagonism. Our work combine movement, with sound and visual FX that bring projects to life. We try to break away from the dull 3D videos of the typical architectural projects by focusing in a different variety of styles.

3d animation nautilus model rigging 01


Fourthedesign believes in originality of ideas, professionalism and quality in detailed treatment at all stages of production, and the proper organization and structure at all levels. Trying not to be compatible with vested “the client is always right” but to orient and propose the best creative direction according to their needs.


We are creating high-quality architectural 3d renderings including movies, time-lapse and photo-realistic images from schematic designs, for architects, interior designers, and real estate industry. We generate captivating architecture videos that highlight your projects and connect your values to potential clients.

architectural visualization wireframe
medical animation


Nothing describes medical, surgical processes and pharmaceutical products better than a 3D medical animation. By rendered a medical Illustration video we can help you to explain in depth your medical device or promote a mechanism in surgical technology.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Medical Visualization

Medical imaging and training have drastically evolved over the past few decades with the implementation of Virtual Reality (VR). Unlock the full potential of your medical education through the Virtual Reality workforce by simulating highly specialized real-time Medical environments for any medical purposes. From Medical training, presentation of molecular structures, medical products, a disease, or an (MOA) mode of action for a specific drug.



We combine creativity with strategic thinking to generate unforgettable communication, for clients who believe brands that are creative.

graphic design corp identity brand


Corp identity or branding is a boundless contract more related to a skillfully designed symbol or an attractive tagline. Actually, brand and corp identities are feelings made in thoughts of your clients.

kriti tv logo

BMI Medical app

IASIS APP - Video Call with Doctor

sanofi application

Medical comic eBook

Augmented realty(AR) App

Medical Doctor App

AR interactive application


We design and developed native or web based apps that perform. Combining augmented reality and V.R technology. With clear interactive interface design and backend platform expansion for every client needs.

3D visualizations yachts, cruise and cargo ships, submarines, harbor areas.

Realistic yacht rendering and boat visualization services, animation for shipyards, vessel construction industry and interior designers. We create high quality interior and exterior images of yachts for brochures, web, and video presentation.

3D Rendering and visualization of boats
Real time 3D Architectural Visualization

Real time 3D Architectural Visualization

Turn your architectural 3D buildings into an online interactive walkthrough visualization. Allows to enter a space and freely walk around, examine and interact every corner and detail in real time. Zoom IN/OUT, display pop up info, click over details of models/objects and walk inside interior/exterior of buildings. Unlike 360 panoramas, the architectural visualization is not limited to a limited selected viewpoint. The walkthroughs interaction are lightweight and work on a phone or tablet device.


AR architectural visualization

AR Augmented Reality

With AR technology you can place a 3D model in context. The AR app can be installed on an Android or iOS device (mobile or tablet). A user opens the AR interactive app, scans on a top plan or image(marker) with the camera on their device; the augmented reality application recognizes the marker, and the screen overlays a virtual 3d model.

website design car rental


We design custom websites for large corporations or individuals. We want to listen to the story that the client has to express, and then we will spread the story through the designs we create. Work can be done on projects of all sizes and types.

TV Idents and broadcast titles


3d graphics and modelling


A picture equals 1000 words imagine a moving picture…

Fourthedesign is able to adapt and correctly generate any stylishness of movie that best fits the project and the requirements of the client.

Fourthedesign cooperates with many companies in Greece and abroad, dealing with 3d animation and design, advertising and audiovisual productions and also many independent creative teams and professionals.

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