Digital Comic eBook – Interactive Children eBook

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Digital Comic eBook – Interactive Children eBook

Project: Comic eBook
Client: Comics
Work: Interactive comic eBook, 3d Character modeling, Augmented reality application.
Task: Creation of a digital comic ebook for ages 5-10 with a primary focus on the Children and parents.
Published: 2020

digital comic book
cartoon medical animation MSD_01

The Future of comic books are Digital e-books

An Innovative digital e-book comic for mobiles, tablets, web, and desktop computers, that builds on an impressive technique developed by fourthedesign.

Combining 3d and 2d animation with colorful children characters, lets the reader control the pages and the camera.

3d characters from medical animation_01

Interactive eBooks are an enrich experience that provide interaction with the content and storyline (integration of video, audio, and animation), and therefore offer a unique exploit each time.

digital comic book medical 1
Due to copyright policies text have been removed from the comic cells
comic eBook medica2 1

Animated in continuous loops and set in a 3d space environment, where tilting your device/tablet controls the camera angle view point.

Get ready for a unique reading experience!

3d characters medical digital comic 1

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