Prehistoric Aquarium, 3d stereoscopic animation, dinosaur

3d - 2d animation

Prehistoric Aquarium, 3d stereoscopic animation, dinosaur

dunkleosteus 3d aquarium 02

Project: 3d stereoscopic underwater Prehistoric aquarium
Company: Dinosauria park
Work: 3d Modeling, 3d animation, stereoscopic 3D, VFX, composition, 4d projection.
Year: 2014

3d liopleurodons zbrush model1
liopleurodons underwater scene

A stereoscopic Prehistoric underwater Adventure

Design, model rigged and animated 10 different prehistoric aquarium dinosaurs at HD quality and the most challenging was the final animations/videos that had to be in 3d stereoscopic animation presented on back lead 4d projectors, so the viewer has to wear 3d glasses. We generate different prehistoric underwater period scenes, having always in mind the scale of the actual prehistoric creature, which in some cases the underwater beast was larger in size than a bus!

We tried to create breathtaking subsurface worlds in photorealistic animations and stunning stereoscopic effects. The dinosauria theme park is equipped with 4-D capabilities projectors, which combine the HD production of a 3-D film with special sensory effects that are built around the environment.

3d model megalodon

Materials and texture

The material for the skin of the underwater sea dinosaurs was another tricky business because we had not enough scientific reference so we had to improvise and create materials and textures from today’s living underwater mammals and organisms. We took material from whales, seals, underwater snakes, sharks and dolphins, combined with scientific research and fossils.

3d material for dinosaur texture underwater
prehistoric Archelon turtle 4d aquarium

Preparing a 3d model for rigging and animation

The same problem came with the 3d rigging and animation for the actual underwater movement of the marine, so creatures do not appear funny. So research had to be done in today’s undersea organisms on their bone structure and underwater feel.

3d model mosasaur underwater prehistoric dinosaur
3d modeling animation nautilos
shonisaurus 3d modeling greece
3d modeling animation plesiosaurus heraklion

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