3D Animation in Greece

3d - 2d animation, character animation

3D Animation in Greece

3D Animation in Greece
2d animation companies in greece

Project: 3D Animated Bear for the Public store
Client: Art Nova – Public Stores
Work: 3d animation, Character animation, Morphing, 2D Animation, 3d modeling, character rigging and animation, story board design.
Year: 2022

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Christmas in Public

The magical world of a little bear tale brought Christmas to the Public store, inviting both children and adults to experience unique moments.

Fourthedesign has created a simple 3d/2d animation of a little 3d bear for the Public store in Athens Mall, Greece. We use compositing tools and effects to blend the 3D animation with the 2D background and create the final composite.

Due to a tight project (5 days deadline!) we integrated a 3D animation into a 2D background to create a more engaging and immersive visual experience by offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the production process.

By combining 3D animation with a 2D background, you can create a composite that has both the visual richness of 3D animation and the familiarity and context of a 2D environment.

3D animation adds depth and movement to a scene, which can make it more dynamic and interesting to watch. Mixing a 3D animation into a 2D background can help to create more mesmerizing and realistic visual experiences.

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