Virtual Reality for Schools and Education

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Virtual Reality for Schools and Education

Virtual Reality for Schools and Education
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Project: Virtual Reality in Education
Client: LearningVR
Work: Virtual Reality, executable app, 3d modeling, 3d animation, VR Scenes
Year: 2022

Virtual reality classrooms are the future of education in schools.

Fourthedesign has developed a Learning VR Application to engage and inspire pupils in a unique and effective way by learning better from what they experience rather than what they read. VR makes you feel like exploring real places so it makes sense that students will make real memories.

Fourthedesign gives the school students the ability to immerse into an educational VR movie, followed by a virtual reality quiz game. A VR game where up to 30 VR sets are connected to the same wifi and play against each other. Players have to answer multiple-choice questions from a pool of 20-30 questions, for each question they have 20 seconds to answer.


virtual reality and education
virtual reality in classrooms

AR & VR in Education Helps Students to Learn More and Better.

We have created an executable application for the teacher’s computer (the host), that runs on a PC logged on the same wifi network as the VR sets.

The game keeps a score of right/wrong answers and the time the player needs to answer. At the end of the game, the app announces a winner (Fastest answers and most right answers).


Virtual reality Transform The Learning Experience

The difficulty of the questions is chosen by the host/teacher and is then generated phonetically to all players participating. The game has 3 levels of difficulty.

On the teacher’s app, there is a selection of either English or Greek and is the same for all the players. Each level has 30 questions to choose from.


VR class

Virtual reality can improve school education by providing students with memorable, interactive and immersive experiences.

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