What is Augmented Reality and Who Needs It?

What is Augmented Reality and Who Needs It?

Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that imposes digital data and images into the real world. The AR gained popularity when in 2016, the Pokémon game launched. It enabled people to interact with Pokémon through their mobile screens.

Augmented Reality is gaining popularity in Greece, and companies like Google and Apple used it. There is also a rumor that Apple will launch its AR glasses this year. It’ll enable the wearers to experience AR without seeing their smartphones.

Moreover, AR technology will affect different industries, universities, and organizations. In the future, AR may transform our learning and interaction with the physical world.

Now let’s discuss in detail what Augmented Reality is and who needs it.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR transforms different analytics into animations that are overlaid in the real world. AR applications rely on a smartphone to showcase Augmented Reality.

It enables users to activate their cameras to view the world on their mobile screens.

Moreover, it would be beneficial for you if you understand what Augmented Reality is not. It’s not a completely immersive experience like Virtual Reality. AR enables users to interact with the physical world, and VR pulls the user into the digital world.

Who Needs Augmented Reality?

AR is doing a lot more than helping people to track down pocket monsters. Many companies in Greece and all over the world have ways to apply Augment Reality to improve outcomes. Below we discussed who can use Augmented Reality in detail:

  1. Medical Institutions

AR can be beneficial for medical institutions to train medical physicians and students. AR tech holds the potential of practical medical training in MRI and complex surgeries.

It can allow students to learn human anatomy using an Augmented Reality headset. Moreover, it will enable them to delve into the human body with the interactive 3D format of AR.

  1. Design & Modeling

Augmented reality (AR) tech can revolutionize the construction and architecture industry. AR can help professionals visualize their final designs during the creation process.

AR headsets can enable engineers to step into buildings to see how their designs might look. Moreover, it will enable the designers to make visual changes on the spot with AR tech.

  1. Tourism

In recent years technology helped a lot in advancing the tourism industry. With AR mobile and tablet devices can allow brands to give their tourist a virtual experience before they travel.

Imagine experiencing the historic places and cafes of Italy before booking a ticket. AR can be a lot more beneficial for travel, vacation, and selling trips in the future.

  1. Education

Technology has made the education system better and approachable to students and teachers. The Aurasma app is an excellent example of AR in education. It enables students to view their classes via their phones for rich learning.

AR can help students of music to see their musical notes in real-time before learning. Psaroneis Augmented reality in Greece is a 3D coloring app – Live Texturing AR cartoon characters that use AR technology.


Augment Reality is no doubt a cool technology. It has the potential to improve the experience of people. As eCommerce is growing, AR is a helpful tool for industries to improve their services.

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