WebAR Portals – Bringing Magical Worlds to Your Phone

WebAR Portals – Bringing Magical Worlds to Your Phone

Before diving into the science of WebAR portals, we should understand the true meaning of AR reality, which superimposes digital content over physical surfaces to give the user an enticing, immersive exposure.

One does not need any specific tool for the augmented reality experience. It can be accessed by installing AR apps (app-based AR) or mobile browsers (WebAR).

To watch a computer-generated 3D model Of AR, one can apply a headset or use a smartphone.

What is an AR portal?

A new feature has been developed that act like a doorway to enter the world of virtual reality where user can see the computer-generated information and digitally created environment. It can be operated through AR apps or WebAR.

The content of the portal can be a photorealistic 360 sphere envisioned with some real-world scenery or imaginary world elements. Here the individual can move freely and interact with the virtual environment.

References for WebAR Portals

Here is the vocabulary that you will confront while using WebAR portals.

1- Occlusion – It depicts when an object blocks all other environmental elements from a given viewpoint behind it.

2- Active AR Portal – Where the user physically walks into the AR portal.

3- Passive AR Portal – When the Portal automatically wraps around the user.

4- AR Window – Users are physically still here when they see any trigger image that drives them to the virtual world.

5- Dimensionality – It is proficiency in three-dimensional content.

6- Ground-based AR Window – The portal is placed on the ground level, and the user looks down to see the AR window.

7- WebAR Portal Doorway – The doorway to transit between the real and alternate worlds.

Application of the WebAR Portals

Here are some of the industries where AR portals are booming.

1- Hotels and Resorts

It can be the most befitting application of WebAR portals where hotel or resort owners can shoot a 360 view of their place or form a 3D model for their property. Moreover, It can be added with the audio or other interactive elements to attract potential visitors.

2- Museums and Zoos

Video shoot from a 360 camera or 3D model of Zoo or Museums can be designed through WebAR portals as it highlights the potential audience that can appeal to them to visit the place.

3- Virtual Showrooms

This post-Covid scenario has compelled the industries to opt for a solid virtual presence. WebAR portals enable them to form virtual showrooms where their products are added in 3D displays, providing a magical exposure to their audience.

4- On-site Retail

WebAR portals have made their way to on-site retail, where pedestrians can see the 3D visuals of retail products on store windows. It is very effective to engage the pedestrians walking by the store.

Final Words

WebAR portals have opened the way to endless possibilities in many sectors, including mobile phones. However, the rest of the industries are yet to be explored.

Meta Description

When AR mobile phone devices and virtual reality are at the same point, the WebAR portals exist. Let’s know more related information!

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