Virtual Reality Walkthrough into Lemnos Thematic routes

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Virtual Reality Walkthrough into Lemnos Thematic routes

Project: Exploration VR Application for Lemnos Archaeological Sites.
Client: Lemnos Municipality
Work: VR Visualization, 3d animation, 3d modeling, UI Design.
Year: 2021

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Virtual Reality walkthrough lhmnos 1

Exploring Lemnos Through History

With the island’s map as the main guide, visitors to the platform will have the opportunity to obtain information about the history and evolution of the island, focusing on its ancient monuments from the Prehistoric period to the Byzantine era.

Digital Exploration Application for Lemnos Archaeological Sites

Lhmnos VR is an interactive VR that explores specific areas of the Lhmnos island in Greece and shows the morphology of the specific places.

Virtual Reality walkthrough lemnos

Exploring the Virtual 3D Map Table

Embark on an immersive journey with our virtual 3D map table, where users can choose from a variety of map types, including geological, political, and holographical representations.

In select areas of interest, users will discover the opportunity to interact with 3D models, unlocking new layers of insight and exploration. Dive deeper into specific locations by playing videos enriched with text information, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for users of all backgrounds and interests.

Explore, interact, and expand your horizons with our virtual 3D map table.

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