Virtual Reality Medical – VR Medical Training

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Virtual Reality Medical – VR Medical Training

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virtual reality medical training

Project: Ulcerative Colitis | VR Medical animation 3d visualization
Client: Janssen
Work: VR Visualization, 3d animation, 3d modeling, character rigging, 3d animation, storyboard design.
Year: 2020 – 2021

Pathogenesis of UC at the gut mucosa

We explaining the sights and symptoms of UC, risk, and genetic factors with extreme faithfulness to reality. Design a Western lifestyle VR environment, with pollution, junk food, sedentary humanoids not having physical activity, with inflamed colon who can also present with arthropathies.

Enter into the microcosmos of the gut mucosa and design the epithelial cell dysfunction at the gut mucosa.

medical education through Virtual Reality
Medical Education Through Virtual Reality VR

Medical Education Through Virtual Reality (VR)

Fourthedesign offers virtual reality medical solutions to train surgeons, that have been shown to be better than conventional training methods.

VR already has a recognized position as a training tool for general practitioners, doctors, physicians, in GI and other areas of medicine.

Virtual reality could improve the teaching and learning curve in medicine to a whole new level.

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