Virtual Reality in Medicine

Application design, interactive applications, Medical animation, virtual reality applications, VR and AR interactive experiences / walkthroughs

Virtual Reality in Medicine


Project: Virtual Reality (VR) Medical animation visualization.
Client: Group CCM
Work: VR Visualization, Oculus Quest Implementation, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Storyboard Design.
Year: 2020

Medical Virtual Reality Animation

Medical Virtual reality (VR) offers many exciting opportunities for pharmaceutical and scientific healthcare communications. It’s a perfect scientifical visualization tool that allows doctors, medical providers and health specialists to immerse themselves in a virtual medical environment.

Interacting or adjusting imaginable circumstances in ways that were not possible up to now on regular computer desktops or with physical models.

Our VR production work in medicine and science, provides an immersive base for education and training. Permitting the operator to increase a deeper understanding behind a medical product or disease area or in our case an (MOA) mode of action for a specific drug.

Fourthedesign produces virtual reality animations and VR developments, helping users to view and relate to a molecular structure from different angles by interactivity and immersive storytelling.

virtual reality in medical

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