Virtual and Augmented reality in Theme parks and Museums

3d - 2d animation, Application design, augmented reality applications, interactive applications, Multimedia design, virtual reality applications, VR and AR interactive experiences / walkthroughs

Virtual and Augmented reality in Theme parks and Museums

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The supreme technological and Mythological park in Heraklion, Crete

A magical journey through the space and time of Greek Mythology, with theatrical guides and performers, but also with the help of new technology.

The visit to the Art and Culture Station is a unique interactive experience in the fascinating world of Hercules, with the mythical monsters coming to life before your eyes.

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Theme park construction stages
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Visitors young and old experience an educational and unforgettable entertainment experience into the ancient world of Hercules. 

With the help of interactive applications, virtual reality technology using Oculus VR masks, but also with augmented reality installations, (AR) technology.

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Project: Virtual and Augmented reality in Museums and Theme parks
Client: Art and Culture Station Crete, Heraklion, Greece
Work: Design concepts & mood boards of the Theme park interior, set the navigation and orientation of the exhibits inside the park. Create virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and Microsoft Kinect interactive games.
Year: 2020

The idea behind the AR Hercules experience is the opportunity for individuals to interact and take part with the augmented reality content and place themselves in numerous Labours and scenarios.

In our case take a picture or record a video with the main characters from the Hercules era.

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Immerse yourself into the Virtual world of two main Labours:

Reach the swamp near Lake Lerna, covering your mouth and nose with a cloth to protect yourself from the poisonous fumes, and kill the mythical monster Lernaean Hydra in the entrance to the Underworld.

Defeat the Stymphalian birds on the sixth labour of Eurystheus. Hide behind the rocks and shake the krotala to frighten the birds. Shot the birds with the poisonous arrows from the slain Hydra.

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