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Mobile applications
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My OasisMed…One Day Clinic

Fourthedesign developed My OasisMed mobile application, an appointment booking system that users are able to book and manage their own appointments with ease. We used flutter framework development for both Android and iOS. Our solution uses Laravel (PHP Framework for Web Artisans) with an expressive, elegant syntax.

A client can book a service, track the status of the booking by toggling the booking tab or cancel the booking if the provider is not accepted. App users are notified and reminded of their appointments & bookings via push notifications. The system will send them a reminder message before the appointment date. The service provider, employees or admins can accept/decline or change the status of the booking displayed on a timeline.

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The app provides medical news, information and a forum community with healthcare discussions, resources and advice. App’s forums cover health issues, treatment, medication & symptoms.

medical app backend

The mobile application comes with a web-based Admin dashboard panel that features:

+ File Manager system.
+ Booking system with push notifications & Book appointment
+ News and forum system with push notifications
+ Notification system to Admins and users.
+ Predefined buttons styling.
+ Total earnings
+ Providers List
+ Total Customers
+ Total appointment list & Today appointment
+ Total patient list
+ Patient Add functionality

Download the free app for Android and iOS

My OasisMed App

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