Lipton ice tea – Bottle redesign – web advert

3d - 2d animation, Product design

Lipton ice tea – Bottle redesign – web advert

Lipton ice tea – Bottle redesign – web advert
lipton old new bottle 1280

Project: New Lipton Ice bottle packaging reveal.
Client: Socialab.
Work: 3d animation, 3d modelling, new ice tea bottle 3d design.
Video: Lipton Ice tea got a fresh new bottle look, we wanted to communicate the new packaging to the public in an engaging way. In order to show consumers that we updated our image but keeping within the brand’s core values.
Published: 2015

Lipton ice tea storyboard concepts:

The idea was that the old bottle of Lipton ice tea is falling from the sky and it creates a tornado of ice cubes, lemons and tea leaves that cover the old bottle and after an explosion the new bottle appears.


storyboard_lipton_ice_tea production1
lipton ice tea particles 960

We created a particles dynamic system of tea leaves, lemons and ice cubes in 3d to be able to develop the Lipton tornado effect.

lipton ice tea particles 3ds max

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