Interactive installations – Touchscreen Design – kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Interactive installations – Touchscreen Design – kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Presentation on an Interactive real time Touchscreen Display.

Interactive installations touch screen

Fourthedesign has recently finished an interactive architecture presentation for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of the largest civil engineering projects in the world today, Jubail, Saudi Arabia. A 22-year industrial project that is getting an $80 billion expansion

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Interactive installations kingdom of saudi arabia jubail 1
A user is able to interact and navigate in real time on a 70-inch touch screen tv by selecting areas on a 3d map

Project: Interactive installations – Touchscreen Design application for the Jubail industrial area.
Client: kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Collaboration: Helix – Ιmageworks
Work: 3d modeling, architecture visualization, 3d optimization, interactive application design, UI, Interface design.
Year: 2017

Interactive installations Jubail 1

The scope of that project was to create the content of an interactive real time 3d touch-screen presentation of the Jubail industrial area. Once completed the entire project will be composed up to 15,000 residential units being served by educational, cultural and religious facilities and being embedded in a hierarchic system of open and recreational spaces.

Interactive installations saudi arabia 1

An interactive and visually minimal touchscreen experience that allows the user to easily navigate the project at their own pace in real-time. The user has the ability to change the interface colour, move the icon buttons anywhere on the interface screen, zoom in/out from any area, rotate, change the point of view from different pre-established points of view in addition to be able to see additional content of the facility spaces and community areas.

Allows users to easily locate their desired unit through a series of filters, showing the results in a virtual 3D model while displaying the latest information in real time.

Fourthedesign provided an on-site touchscreen interactive experience that is attractive, easy to use, by revealing all important information about the community areas and unit availability in real time.

touch screen table ui interface

We are more than welcome to propose an interactive presentation for touch screen or desktop/web presentation for your interactions. Providing info for your future clients by showing premises structures, areas of interest, public spaces.

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