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Interactive games for kids

Project: Interactive games for kids
Client: CretAquarium – Thalassokosmos
Work: 3d modeling, Kinect, characters design, Level design, Programming, Game design, concept design
Year: 2018

An interactive game with an eco-friendly message and an entertaining aspect at the same time.

Children interact with the underwater interactive game and subconsciously get into the environmental problem which focuses on ocean pollution.

design Interactive games for kids

A visitor, passing in front of a Microsoft Kinect sensor, and a visual with audible message on a 6 TV video wall, inviting you to participate in the interactive game.

The game and the starting ways are simplified so as not to confuse the visitor. The startup process is done by lifting your hands up in the air and closing your palm. The application admits one or two players. Once it detects a second player it will display a visual message and link the new player into the game.

You can play and control using your body, the two main characters/ heroes from the “psaroneis” application, Mika and 8pous.

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