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Through this interactive installation, we wanted to offer children a new thought process and further promote their painting skills. Users have an opportunity to interact with their real creations like never before.

For this interactive “aquatic” installation, we installed an underwater projection with a 3m fish tank. We combined the projection with a “color communication” scanning device and system software that allows you to scan your creations into augmented reality (AR) 3D models (cartoon fish), with your own colors.

Project: Interactive digital media experience with augmented reality
Company: Cretaquarium – Thalasokosmos Crete
Work: Interactive exhibits for children with augmented reality functionalities, installation of a multimedia scanning device, installation of 3 meters underwater fish tank projection
Year: 2016

interactive installations explanation
concepts psaroneis augmented reality 3d characters

The application will identify the decorated marker character and its colors and in real time turn it into a 3D AR fish model that swims around the virtual aquarium tank. The scanning software takes the texture directly of the coloring page that has been colored in and applies it to a 3D psaroneis model that appears on the 3d scene.

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