Augmented Reality Apps – Heraklion Archaeological Museum

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Augmented Reality Apps – Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Augmented Reality Apps – Heraklion Archaeological Museum
Augmented Reality Apps Heraklion Archaeological Museum 1

Project: Heraklion Museum AR
Client: Aegean Solutions SA
Services: AR mobile app for ios/android, 2d/3d Animation, Interface Design UI
Year: 2023

Augmented Reality Applications Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Exploring Minoan History Through Augmented Reality

The use of augmented reality technology enhances visitors’ experiences. The app requires users to scan exhibit objects with their device’s camera in order to activate the AR content. Once activated, the AR system provides a range of features, such as 3D models of objects, videos, audio guides, and interactive activities.

“Immersive Exploration: Experience Artifacts in 3D Models and 2D Animations”

One of the most impressive features of the app is its 3D models and animation of objects. These three-dimensional models allow visitors to get a closer look at the artifacts, and to see them from multiple angles by rotating or scaling.

goolge app heraklion museum AR 1
IOS app heraklion museum AR

“Interactive Engagement: Piece Together History with Virtual Artifact Reconstruction and Multilingual Audio Guides”

The visitors can use the app to “reconstruct” a Minoan vase, placing the broken pieces back together in a virtual interactive puzzle. This kind of activity not only enhances visitors’ understanding of the artifacts but also makes the museum experience more enjoyable and memorable.

There is a multilanguage system and audio guides that can be listened to as visitors explore the museum, which makes the experience more understandable.

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