Augmented Reality (AR) Doctor App

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Augmented Reality (AR) Doctor App

Augmented Reality (AR) Doctor App

Project: Augmented Reality Medical Application
Client: Group CCM – Chiesi
Work: Application design Android/ios, 3d low-polygon characters
Year: 2022


A personalized Augmented Reality application for medical representatives where each rep can upload their messages, images, videos, pdf/word files and voice.

The rep by login the application can customize a AR 3d Avatar by uploading their own picture and applying it to the avatar’s face. Automatically a low-poly 3d/AR character avatar will appear with the rep’s face in.

All this info can be stored in the app and sent as an AR message to their selected doctor.

augmented reality in medical
augmented reality doctor avatar 4


An AR message is been sent to the physicians and doctors. The doctor can scan a surface (floor, table, etc) and a 3d avatar will appear surrounded by 3d board messages from the representative message.

You can scale up and move and rotate all the AR elements around the 3d avatar.

Design of an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly native mobile-responsive app for both Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices. With a Back-end web-based system for admin’s use.
The application has been developed in a multi-language format.


AR Doctor’s interactivity and data analytics are two of its most significant advantages. The app provides features like voice recording and messaging to allow doctors and representatives to communicate more effectively.

Additionally, the app offers the ability to track and analyze data about the usage of the app, including the number of views, time spent on each AR message, and feedback from doctors. This information can be used to improve the app and the effectiveness of the messages sent to doctors.


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