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Children application augmented reality book

A fairy tale children book that uses modern augmented reality technology (AR), which is capable of creating in real world three-dimensional models with movement, interactivity and sounds, enlivening a magical world in front of your eyes!

Draw the fairy typography with any colors you want and watch it come alive right in front of you.

Paint the Fairy with your own colors in real time and put it in the magic forest.
Shoot and save your fairy character to your device.
Send your fairy to your friends
Record your voice and give life to the fairy by making it speak like you.

Your cell phone or tablet becomes a window in the universe of the book.
Make your imagination come to life.

Download the free “typography fairy” app on your mobile phone or tablet (Android, iPhone or iPad) compatible with Google Play and the iOS App Store and immerse yourself in the world of colors.




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