Holidays and City Tours with AR & VR

Holidays and City Tours with AR & VR

Have you ever wanted to visit a foreign city but didn’t because you thought it would be too expensive or time-consuming? Well, thanks to the latest augmented and virtual reality technology, that’s no longer a problem! City tours with AR and VR can take you anywhere in the world without even having to leave your home. Read this article to learn more about AR and VR tours!

Notable Cases of AR & VR City Tours

WOW gives musical city tours in cities like London, Paris, and Tokyo through your headphones while wearing Virtual Reality headsets.

Travelbydrone gives tours in different cities worldwide using drones and Virtual Reality.

Google Expeditions lets teachers take students on virtual field trips through different parts of the world, such as London, Rome, and Paris.

Using AR and VR for Travelling to different cities Globally

All kinds of companies are harnessing the power of AR and VR to give people access to travel experiences that go beyond their wildest dreams. For example, Google has developed an app called Expeditions, where teachers can take students on virtual field trips through different parts of the world.

Ease of tour with AR & VR

Tourists need a guide to visit unknown places, who guide them and apprises their histories. But it is not always convenient to hire a guide at an undisclosed site, and you are not sure if he is guiding right or not. Technology has resolved this problem and introduced AR and VR to coop these troubles. Tourists can download particular apps before visiting the place that guides them most efficiently.

Benefits of AR Before Tour

If anyone wants to enjoy a tour smoothly, he should be prepared for the peregrination in advance. Before starting the travel, several things should be prepared, like booking your lodge before your arrival and a bag pack with valuable items. AR helps in both ways to book your room before travel and packing your bags with the right necessaries. Check out 360° rooms and interact with all the available services.

Benefits of VR in Tour

VR can extricate a tourist from disappointment. Disappointment on tour can spoil the whole trip and mood. Tourists can face disappointment when they don’t find anything to meet their expectations. VR lets tourists preview visiting points in a virtual space at 360 degrees. Tourists can explore that site and scenes to avoid disappointment in the real world. After experiencing the place in the virtual world, visitors can make a good decision freely as to whether they should visit the site or not.


With so much information available in today’s world, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. Using AR and VR technology can allow you to see the world without spending too much money or time. Recording videos on your mobile phone is easy, but the images tend to be small and blurry if you don’t use a dedicated camera. You can learn about cultures from all over the world without even leaving your house!

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