Why is Augmented Reality Important In Architecture

Why is Augmented Reality Important In Architecture

When one thinks of augmented reality, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a Pokémon GO app. But what many people don’t know is that AR has a lot of potential uses in architecture, from designing buildings to assisting with construction.

Augmented Reality is important in Architecture by providing  an interactive experience that improves and covers the user’s physical world with a CGI input. In architecture, Augmented reality is the transfer of a 3D model of a building implanted onto real-world sites.

Here in this article, we will discuss just a few ways we can use AR in architecture.


Augmented Reality – Building Block Of the Future Architecture

we can use one way AR in architecture is for design purposes. With AR, architects can create 3D models of their buildings and test out different designs before they’re even built. It helps ensure that the final product will be exactly what the architect intended.

Augmented Reality and Architecture Projects

Architects often use CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software and many computer programs to design their projects.

Architects can then bring in 3D models of objects they want within the building through AR. They can also add their notes and drawings, making it easier to see how different aspects of a room or building will look when designed.

Architects can also collaborate on AR projects, allowing them to look at and edit the same model simultaneously. They can share and discuss their designs and bring in other team members to brainstorm and work out any kinks within a design.

It is probably one of the most beneficial aspects of augmented reality for architects, as it allows them to save time on revisions and work on more projects at once.


Benefits Of Using AR In Architecture

There are many possible benefits of using AR in architecture.

It’s faster – Using AR allows architects to create, visualize, and modify their models simultaneously.

Gives architects the opportunity to see what their plans will look like in reality.

It can be cheaper – With AR helps save costs and time since it doesn’t require much labor or materials to create a 3D rendering using AR. This leads to the provision of effective training at a low cost.

In construction and renovation, augmented reality can assist in various ways to help ensure that projects run smoothly from start to finish.

it can prevent incidents and accidents on the construction site.


How has Augmented Reality changed the way architects work?

There are many ways augmented reality has changed the way architects work.

AR allows architects to quickly design and share models with other team members, offering a safe space for creativity and innovation. Using AR technology can save time since architects don’t have to construct each design to visualize it when built physically.

AR can make it easier for architects to work with blueprints and models of buildings, as they can now visualize exactly how a design will look when built. Architects can now easily understand the geometry and measurements involved with a specific part of a building using augmented reality.

Architects can also use augmented reality on construction projects to look at blueprints through their phones, head-mounted displays (HMDs), or tablets. In the physical world, augmented reality is sometimes limited by a lack of stability or things out of reach. However, in the virtual world, these limitations don’t exist.



AR allows architects to easily design and share models with other team members, offering a safe space for creativity and innovation. Architects can now work more quickly as they no longer need to construct each design before visualizing its look when built physically.

Augmented reality makes it easier for architects to communicate designs and ideas. Users can visualize what a particular building will look like once built without first building the model themselves.

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